Amazon cheats affiliates! Someone doesn’t care.

There are supposedly more than 2,000,000 (2 million) affiliates all trying to earn $3-4USD from Amazon.  Even with these terribly low commissions, Amazon still tries to shave money from affiliate payments by finding ways NOT to pay.

Here is a great example.

My neighbor (same building – hence same shipping address) mentioned to me that he was looking for a new camera.  Quick as a flash, I wrote down my website and asked him to look online and see if anything on my site would fit the bill.

He looked … and placed an order for the camera .. then placed an order for memory cards, then placed another order for something else.  All went through MY site — MY AMAZON AFFILIATE site using my links.

My control panel on Amazon registered the sale.  The items were shipped.  My neighbor received them and was happy — nothing was returned or charged-back.

Months later … where is my commission???  No posts in my account or notification to tell me why I am not getting paid.  So I complain.  The reply astounded me.

… the items listed in your account’s Orders Report were flagged by our system as ineligible for Associates advertising fees.

… This can also happen if we have determined that the [b]orders resulted from you requesting or encouraging your friends, relatives, or other people you know to purchase products through your Special Links[/b].

…  Associates are not eligible for advertising fees …, or ask people they know to routinely place orders through their links so they can earn advertising fees.

So the rules are you can’t ask people you know to place orders through your website!!!!  Can you believe that?

My commission would have been around $30.  Imagine if Amazon uses this tactic on a measly one out of 50 affiliates … That would equal millions of dollars each month that Amazon doesn’t have to pay in fees to the affiliates.

What a great ripoff.

PS:  If you are interested, visit  and see what others have to say.

Or search for “amazon rips off affiliates” on any of the search engines.

Yes, Amazon cheats the small guy.