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    Writers of TV shows must take a stupid pill 

    Writers.  Some of them must be geniuses.  And somewhere along the line, someone must convince them that they will get more ideas if they take these special pills (only the pills are STUPID pills).  Keeping reading and I’ll explain.

    One of my previously cancelled favorite shows was THE UNIT.  Excellent show and in the beginning, excellent writing.  Until the stupid pill was passed around.  At first, episodes were based on start-to-finish-in-one-episode stories that were believable enough to keep viewers intrigued.  With the quiet that surrounds special forces, and the not-so-quiet use of special forces by President Obama, viewers didn’t know where tv started and reality stopped.

    With the stupid pill came the story episode where THE UNIT is disbanded in a second; the members treated like criminals; and warrants of arrest put out for a few of them.  They of course, were working to clear their names and reputations.  In the end (Surprise, Surprise), THE UNIT gets reinstated and everyone gets their job back.

    THE UNIT should still be on TV.  But those damn writers.  Because of the same direction Hawaii Five 0 took with disbanding the unit, I tried to see if the writers were the same … but couldn’t find any overlap.

    One blogger took exception to the way McGarrett was made of steel – and regardless of the difficulties of getting his ass beat, or falling off a cliff, there never seemed to be recovery time.  His point is to hypothesize that viewers are declining because they made portions of the series too unrealistic.  Stupid pill #1.

    … the writers have reached a level of inefficiency in not allowing these characters to show more visceral, human emotion and I think it’s finally causing people to change the channel.

    So at the end of season 1, McGarrett is framed for the murder of the Governor.  Ignoring the fact that at the time, an arrest warrant for McGarrett was issued (a violation of the Governor’s immunity order); and ignoring the fact that McGarrett would have clear marks from the taser; and ignoring the fact that there would be no fresh gunshot residue on McGarrett’s gloves; and, well, I could go on and on … but you get the message.

    McGarrett goes to jail, five-o is disbanded, and Kono is arrested.  Now, you can have a show called five-o, without a Hawaii police department named five-o, so as a viewer, you become pissed off because you know the department will get re-formed.

    But what most viewers don’t realize is the hate that HPD and five-o would feel for each other because of the position they have been placed in.  I have seen it first hand – one police agency hates another makes for a miserable working relationship.

    Stupid pill #2.  Same blogger brought up how easy it was to take down McGarrett … others have tried and never got close.  But Wo fat … Well, WO.

    Wo Fat is a tidy villain with the way he set up McGarrett and then murdered the governor. His ninja skills must be superior to McGarrett’s to have been able to sneak up on him so easily with that taser. Even under the stress of the situation McGarrett is a trained S.E.A.L., but he didn’t even catch the attack coming out of the corner of his eye.

    Stupid pill #3.  Why allow the Governor to die?  There would have been so many more possibilities had she lived and stayed on as governor.  That could have been an entire season – just trying to quietly build a case against “the boss”.  And don’t forget – the Governor went to McGarrett in the beginning and offered him the job.  McGarrett wasn’t looking for a job.

    Why don’t the writers reach out to the fans and ask for story lines and suggestions?  With the ratings drops, they had better wake up.

    I’d suggest they stay off the Stupid Pill. :)


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    I use torrents. Why does that make me a criminal. 

    So I live most of the year in another country. I have premium cable in my house in USA but I am never there. The only way to watch the shows I like are by downloading torrents.

    But everyone says that torrents are costing the movie companies and cable companies gazillions of dollars. WHY? How did I cost them any money?

    I have the right to sit in front of my tv and watch all the TV shows I like. But I am not there and can’t sit in front and don’t have enough bandwidth to watch over the internet.

    So why am I “stealing” from the studios and such? This whole copyright law bullshit is out of control


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    Stop butchering the language! 

    I’m pretty accepting and understanding of others learning English (because of course I can’t speak another language!) but one word bothers me to no end.


    Search the internet and you will see this word is used wrong more often than not. Why can’t teachers add this to their to do list …

    THERE IS NO “S” at the end of STAFF. Staff is singular or plural!

    • stanley 3:10 am on December 14, 2012 Permalink

      There are a lot of words that do that to me also! But I have to remember they are able to speak more than one language and I can’t so I don’t say anything!! hahaha

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    Overzealous TSA Employees lose Court Case 

    Yes, I’ll keep saying it.  I hate TSA.

    They wouldn’t let a guy go through a checkpoint or board an airplane with his anti-TSA shirt.

    But this guy got so made he took off all his clothes to show he had no explosives THAT HE WAS BEING ACCUSED OF …

    HE WON HIS CASE in court.

    TSA loses case in court

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    TSA — Thousands Standing Around! – Touching Sexual Areas 

    TSA … that wonderful agency created under Bush to secure our airports and skies from terrorists.  The biggest waste of money and resources imaginable.  In fact, I lost all respect for Obama because he didn’t fire Pistole or Napolitano … because neither of them deserve to be trash collectors much less, the head of TSA and Homeland Security.  Shame on your Obama.

    And Napolitano even lied.     http://www.naturalnews.com/032839_body_scanners_TSA.html

    And Pistole?  Well, I could write a book there …

    So what does TSA really stand for?  Here is what some people think …

    update 10-28-12:  THOUSANDS STANDING AROUND!!

    Transparently Senseless Aggravation
    The Silly Agency
    The Stupid Agency   <– MY FAVORITE
    Thieving & Stealing Agency
    Take Stuff Away
    Totally Suspicious Agency
    Tyranical Scam Artists
    The Shoe Aficionados
    Twisted Sexual Abusers
    Tear Suitcase Apart
    Truth Systematically Avoided
    Trivial, Superfluous Actors
    Tricking Sucker Americans
    Tourism Sabotage Activity
    Tired, Slow, and Anal    <– ONE OF MY FAVORITES
    Take Scissors Away, followed by “Oh, you want them back ?” Tough Shit Asshole
    Truthless Screener Act
    Terrorists Still Allowed
    Trained Shoe Analysts

    And of course:  TOUCHING SEXUAL AREAS!

    And don’t forget:  TERMINAL SEXUAL ABUSERS

    If you don’t fly, you probably don’t understand how ridiculous this is …

    Take a look at this video.

    or this one

    So yes, I hate TSA.


    <strong></strong>terminal sexual abusers and child molestation

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    Categories: Technology ( 2 )

    New cel phones. Why aren’t any perfect??? 

    I hate changing cell phones.  It is like giving up on an old friend.  But I realize that with changes in technology, my use of the phone improves and more tasks become easier to accomplish.

    That is, if I can get over the pain of finding a new phone.

    I’ve been a Nokia (Symbian) fan now for 10 years.  Before that I was a die-hard Motorola user.  I didn’t want to change away from Nokia – but they have changed away from me shifting to a poorly designed Windows operating system (my wife has the Lumia and I dislike it with a passion).

    Even with the last few Nokia’s running Symbian, Nokia appears to have given up and conceded the lead to everyone else.  To say their latest phones are a disappointment is an understatement.

    But Nokia has certain things that Nokia users do not want to give up.  PROFILES for example … and menu/settings layouts.

    So recently I thought I had found the perfect phone.  It was GSM.  It had dual-sim (dual-standby!).  Txt messages could be enlarged with a finger gesture.  (Well, not THAT finger gesture).  It ran android … I don’t know if it ran Ice cream sandwich, or gingerbread or nuts n honey … but I was able to find a few widgets/apps that could mimic what I was losing in the switch from Nokia.

    My friend owned the phone.  He liked it.  Showed it to me.  Told me it was quad band.

    Before buying, I figured I had better check the internet specs.  NOT QUAD BAND.  :(    There goes another perfect phone.  I can’t tell you how many I have reviewed only to be disappointed.

    My needs are …

    1. GSM – *QUAD* BAND!!!
    2. Dual Sim – Dual Standby
    3. Each sim must be capable of completely different ring/no-ring profiles independent of each other.
    4. I want a widget on the home screen for each sim to control ring/vibrate/silent(off)
    5. I need a widget to be able to blacklist certain callers and texters.
    6. 4″ screen or so with a good layout keyboard on screen for fat fingers.

    Didn’t think my needs were that difficult.  But try and find something.

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    You can’t sell used Panties on Ebay. Why not?? 

    Yes, it is true – you can’t sell used panties on ebay.

    Buying or selling worn panties is a particular art for certain people only. Anyone can sell a pair of used panties, but only those in a special league know what to look for and understand how buying the right panties from the right seller is most satisfying. [ebayername] caters to only those who fall into the category with higher standards. It is an amazing experience and well worth it.

    Well, I’m not into the whole used panties and “get a whiff” thing … but I respect other people’s diversions (diversion, NOT a perversion!). Ebay however, doesn’t feel the same way, banning the sale of used panties.

    Why? Who does it harm? There is no law against the sale of used panties. And contrary to some schooled-at-home-lawyers, there is no postal service law that prevents the mailing of previously worn undergarments. One idiot posted that it WAS illegal to mail as used panties fell under the “hazardous materials” act!

    Maybe some of you can explain to me in comments WHY a woman shouldn’t be allowed to make money while staying at home selling her used panties on ebay. Because I don’t get it.

    what does ebay have against used panties and hot mom's selling their drawers?

    PS: Make sure you read those rules! You can’t even sell BRAND NEW CHILDREN’S UNDERWEAR on ebay.

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    Amazon cheats affiliates! Someone doesn’t care. 

    There are supposedly more than 2,000,000 (2 million) affiliates all trying to earn $3-4USD from Amazon.  Even with these terribly low commissions, Amazon still tries to shave money from affiliate payments by finding ways NOT to pay.

    Here is a great example.

    My neighbor (same building – hence same shipping address) mentioned to me that he was looking for a new camera.  Quick as a flash, I wrote down my website and asked him to look online and see if anything on my site would fit the bill.

    He looked … and placed an order for the camera .. then placed an order for memory cards, then placed another order for something else.  All went through MY site — MY AMAZON AFFILIATE site using my links.

    My control panel on Amazon registered the sale.  The items were shipped.  My neighbor received them and was happy — nothing was returned or charged-back.

    Months later … where is my commission???  No posts in my account or notification to tell me why I am not getting paid.  So I complain.  The reply astounded me.

    … the items listed in your account’s Orders Report were flagged by our system as ineligible for Associates advertising fees.

    … This can also happen if we have determined that the [b]orders resulted from you requesting or encouraging your friends, relatives, or other people you know to purchase products through your Special Links[/b].

    …  Associates are not eligible for advertising fees …, or ask people they know to routinely place orders through their links so they can earn advertising fees.

    So the rules are you can’t ask people you know to place orders through your website!!!!  Can you believe that?

    My commission would have been around $30.  Imagine if Amazon uses this tactic on a measly one out of 50 affiliates … That would equal millions of dollars each month that Amazon doesn’t have to pay in fees to the affiliates.

    What a great ripoff.

    PS:  If you are interested, visit http://thetruthaboutamazon.com/  and see what others have to say.

    Or search for “amazon rips off affiliates” on any of the search engines.

    Yes, Amazon cheats the small guy.

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    Categories: Travel ( 8 )

    Studpity of TSA 

    Yes, I’ll keep saying it.  I hate TSA.

    They wouldn’t let a guy go through a checkpoint or board an airplane with his anti-TSA shirt.

    But this guy got so made he took off all his clothes to show he had no explosives THAT HE WAS BEING ACCUSED OF …

    HE WON HIS CASE in court.

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    TSA wasting Taxpaper money … In the name of “terrorism” 

    The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform says the Transportation Security Administration is wasting taxpayers’ money again, this time by holding more than 5,000 pieces of security equipment, valued at upwards of $180 million in a Texas warehouse … 85 percent of the equipment in the TSA warehouse as of February had been stored for more than six months and 35 percent of it had been there longer than a year.

    That is $180million USD!  For more than one year!  Sitting in a warehouse not being used!  And as taxpayers, we PAID for that equipment because it was needed in the fight “in the name of terrorism”.

    “These flaws are exacerbated by a management structure that seems content to throw millions of dollars at untested solutions that are bought in excess and poorly deployed and managed. That is not a security operation, but rather a recipe for disaster.”

    What do you expect?  Who created TSA?  GWB.  Another set of wasted initials.  Would that be Ghetto White Boys perhaps?  Because it all depends on who you know to get contracts and kickbacks.

    The committee’s report shows that 85 percent of the equipment in the TSA warehouse as of February had been stored for more than six months and 35 percent of it had been there longer than a year. The same report shows TSA has nearly 1,500 Explosive Track Detectors, bag screening devices, in its storage facility in Texas. In order to get a discount on the machines, TSA admits they bought more machines then they needed with the expectation that eventually its supply would meet demand.

    Read that again if you missed it.  In order to get a “discount”, they bought MORE than they needed.  And now we are storing it.  Want to talk about storage costs?  The Transportation Logistics Center where the equipment is held costs $3.5 million a year to maintain.

    After the so-called “Christmas Day Bomber” was thwarted—and before the device was adequately tested—the TSA spent $122 million on controversial Advanced Imaging Technology Devices or full body scanning machines.

    The U.S. Government Accountability Office has said it is unclear whether the whole body scanning devices could have ever detected the weapon the underwear bomber used.

    Read that again.  Untested technology sold to the USA after countless wine-and-dine sessions somewhere.  If you fly, you will may have experienced the “puffer”.  You walk into a chamber that looks like the current body scanners, you experience a “puff” of air, and then you move on … unless your puff of air contains explosive residue.  But what about those machines — where are they now?

    Between 2004 and 2006, TSA dished out $30 million for Explosive Trace Detection Portals, or “puffers,” but installed less than half of them in airports after discovering serious design flaws. The TSA then paid to keep some of the devices in storage until 2010.

    They  put them in storage for 4-6 years!!!  They should not have purchased them.  Isn’t it funny that they made sure to get equipment that would see my penis and your vagina clearly — but they can’t find equipment to detect explosive residue?  We have to take our shoes off because TSA didn’t look into the correct technology.  I guess that company wasn’t wining-and-dining.

    In the name of terrorism.

    Airport employees … have been caught using full body scanner images as a type of porn.  At the Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport, TSA complaints have been reported to disproportionally stem from women who felt that they were singled out for repeated screening for the entertainment of male security officers.

    Are we having fun yet?


    It’s a sad day in America when in order to fly on an airplane one must succumb to being sexually molested.


    And to think … we have become a nation of Zombies … where everyone falls in line and agrees to anything done in the “name of terrorism”.  I’ve lost faith in the USA.


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