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    Sears owning and trying to run KMart … 

    What made Sears, America’s stodgy old mall-retailer think they could operate a discounter like Kmart?  Kmart was suffering and making stumble after stumble … they just didn’t get it … and merging with Sears just made it worst.

    Who buys from Sears?  I used to – years ago.  A lawn mower here, an exercise machine there … and maybe a few clothing items if they were on sale.  They used to have the best prices on Levi’s mens jeans .. but that went away.  Now JCPenney keeps their prices below Sears … and has for many years.

    And KMart … do the executives ever visit the stores?  Run down; poorly managed; dirty and often smelly … with staff that couldn’t give a damn.  Their attitude is they work for Kmart … and if Kmart Corporate doesn’t care … why should they?

    Sears got involved in the prices at Kmart as well and really messed things up.  But that is Sears’ style – they don’t understand discount marketing … because has been achors of large mall for a jillion years … and doesn’t know anything else.

    My shorts at Kmart are $24.95 and up.  Walmart has them from $14.77 to 19.97 or something.  Why would I ever buy at KMart?

    Take a l0ok around folks … it won’t be that many years before Sears and Kmart are gone.  So if you have stock …… :)

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    Cancelled TV shows… 

    I really don’t watch that much TV, but why is it that when I find a series that I like, it gets cancelled.  And the shows I dislike, stay on the air for a gazillion seasons?

    Pan am cancelled.  Fun show – interesting story lines.  Fun to see the idea of “service” in the airline industry.  Nice to see young flight attendants … which is like seeing a dinosaur now … all I see now are flight attendants already collecting social security.


    Miami Medical cancelled.  Great cast, excellent story line, interpersonal relationships, etc.  Fun to watch.


    Combat Hospital cancelled.  Kind of an updated remake of Mash without as much humor.  But interesting none-the-less … a few people that watched with me were impressed … “is that a reality show?  How did they get the permission to film on bases” etc.  Yes, it was that realistic.


    What didn’t get cancelled??? Dexter.  The psychopath show that is blamed for inspiring numerous murders and inciting violence among children.   Search the stories … boy kills neighbor girl because “he thought he could get away with it like Dexter did”.  I tried to watch it … but couldn’t.


    And who in their right mind came up with Honey Boo Boo???

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    Gas Stations 

    Here you are .. dressed up, ready to go … but you need gas.  One quick stop at the local self-service gas station and the tank is full.  Only one problem.  The guy before you let his tank overflow, and now you have gasoline all over your hands from the nasty pump handle.  And the smell of gasoline stays around.  Even soap and water doesn’t wash it away.

    Some stations have plastic gloves for you to use … but I never think about that.  I just grab the handle and get to work.  And then suffer for it later.



    I’d like to see full serve!  :)

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    Categories: Travel ( 8 )

    What I hate about … TSA! 

    TSA … that wonderful agency created under Bush to secure our airports and skies from terrorists.  The biggest waste of money and resources imaginable.  In fact, I lost all respect for Obama because he didn’t fire Pistole or Napolitano … because neither of them deserve to be trash collectors much less, the head of TSA and Homeland Security.  Shame on your Obama.

    And Napolitano even lied.     http://www.naturalnews.com/032839_body_scanners_TSA.html

    And Pistole?  Well, I could write a book there …

    So what does TSA really stand for?  Here is what some people think …

    update 10-28-12:  THOUSANDS STANDING AROUND!!

    Transparently Senseless Aggravation
    The Silly Agency
    The Stupid Agency   <– MY FAVORITE
    Thieving & Stealing Agency
    Take Stuff Away
    Totally Suspicious Agency
    Tyranical Scam Artists
    The Shoe Aficionados
    Twisted Sexual Abusers
    Tear Suitcase Apart
    Truth Systematically Avoided
    Trivial, Superfluous Actors
    Tricking Sucker Americans
    Tourism Sabotage Activity
    Tired, Slow, and Anal    <– ONE OF MY FAVORITES
    Take Scissors Away, followed by “Oh, you want them back ?” Tough Shit Asshole
    Truthless Screener Act
    Terrorists Still Allowed
    Trained Shoe Analysts

    And of course:  TOUCHING SEXUAL AREAS!

    If you don’t fly, you probably don’t understand how ridiculous this is …

    Take a look at this video.


    or this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=RgqPmDpUv10

    So yes, I hate TSA.



    • Sally 3:10 am on October 25, 2012 Permalink

      Oh hey I just wanted to write and say I enjoyed reading your blog!

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