Cancelled TV shows…

I really don’t watch that much TV, but why is it that when I find a series that I like, it gets cancelled.  And the shows I dislike, stay on the air for a gazillion seasons?

Pan am cancelled.  Fun show – interesting story lines.  Fun to see the idea of “service” in the airline industry.  Nice to see young flight attendants … which is like seeing a dinosaur now … all I see now are flight attendants already collecting social security.


Miami Medical cancelled.  Great cast, excellent story line, interpersonal relationships, etc.  Fun to watch.


Combat Hospital cancelled.  Kind of an updated remake of Mash without as much humor.  But interesting none-the-less … a few people that watched with me were impressed … “is that a reality show?  How did they get the permission to film on bases” etc.  Yes, it was that realistic.


What didn’t get cancelled??? Dexter.  The psychopath show that is blamed for inspiring numerous murders and inciting violence among children.   Search the stories … boy kills neighbor girl because “he thought he could get away with it like Dexter did”.  I tried to watch it … but couldn’t.


And who in their right mind came up with Honey Boo Boo???