New cel phones. Why aren’t any perfect???

I hate changing cell phones.  It is like giving up on an old friend.  But I realize that with changes in technology, my use of the phone improves and more tasks become easier to accomplish.

That is, if I can get over the pain of finding a new phone.

I’ve been a Nokia (Symbian) fan now for 10 years.  Before that I was a die-hard Motorola user.  I didn’t want to change away from Nokia – but they have changed away from me shifting to a poorly designed Windows operating system (my wife has the Lumia and I dislike it with a passion).

Even with the last few Nokia’s running Symbian, Nokia appears to have given up and conceded the lead to everyone else.  To say their latest phones are a disappointment is an understatement.

But Nokia has certain things that Nokia users do not want to give up.  PROFILES for example … and menu/settings layouts.

So recently I thought I had found the perfect phone.  It was GSM.  It had dual-sim (dual-standby!).  Txt messages could be enlarged with a finger gesture.  (Well, not THAT finger gesture).  It ran android … I don’t know if it ran Ice cream sandwich, or gingerbread or nuts n honey … but I was able to find a few widgets/apps that could mimic what I was losing in the switch from Nokia.

My friend owned the phone.  He liked it.  Showed it to me.  Told me it was quad band.

Before buying, I figured I had better check the internet specs.  NOT QUAD BAND.  :(    There goes another perfect phone.  I can’t tell you how many I have reviewed only to be disappointed.

My needs are …

  1. GSM – *QUAD* BAND!!!
  2. Dual Sim – Dual Standby
  3. Each sim must be capable of completely different ring/no-ring profiles independent of each other.
  4. I want a widget on the home screen for each sim to control ring/vibrate/silent(off)
  5. I need a widget to be able to blacklist certain callers and texters.
  6. 4″ screen or so with a good layout keyboard on screen for fat fingers.

Didn’t think my needs were that difficult.  But try and find something.