Sears owning and trying to run KMart …

What made Sears, America’s stodgy old mall-retailer think they could operate a discounter like Kmart?  Kmart was suffering and making stumble after stumble … they just didn’t get it … and merging with Sears just made it worst.

Who buys from Sears?  I used to – years ago.  A lawn mower here, an exercise machine there … and maybe a few clothing items if they were on sale.  They used to have the best prices on Levi’s mens jeans .. but that went away.  Now JCPenney keeps their prices below Sears … and has for many years.

And KMart … do the executives ever visit the stores?  Run down; poorly managed; dirty and often smelly … with staff that couldn’t give a damn.  Their attitude is they work for Kmart … and if Kmart Corporate doesn’t care … why should they?

Sears got involved in the prices at Kmart as well and really messed things up.  But that is Sears’ style – they don’t understand discount marketing … because has been achors of large mall for a jillion years … and doesn’t know anything else.

My shorts at Kmart are $24.95 and up.  Walmart has them from $14.77 to 19.97 or something.  Why would I ever buy at KMart?

Take a l0ok around folks … it won’t be that many years before Sears and Kmart are gone.  So if you have stock …… :)