TSA wasting Taxpaper money … In the name of “terrorism”

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform says the Transportation Security Administration is wasting taxpayers’ money again, this time by holding more than 5,000 pieces of security equipment, valued at upwards of $180 million in a Texas warehouse … 85 percent of the equipment in the TSA warehouse as of February had been stored for more than six months and 35 percent of it had been there longer than a year.

That is $180million USD!  For more than one year!  Sitting in a warehouse not being used!  And as taxpayers, we PAID for that equipment because it was needed in the fight “in the name of terrorism”.

“These flaws are exacerbated by a management structure that seems content to throw millions of dollars at untested solutions that are bought in excess and poorly deployed and managed. That is not a security operation, but rather a recipe for disaster.”

What do you expect?  Who created TSA?  GWB.  Another set of wasted initials.  Would that be Ghetto White Boys perhaps?  Because it all depends on who you know to get contracts and kickbacks.

The committee’s report shows that 85 percent of the equipment in the TSA warehouse as of February had been stored for more than six months and 35 percent of it had been there longer than a year. The same report shows TSA has nearly 1,500 Explosive Track Detectors, bag screening devices, in its storage facility in Texas. In order to get a discount on the machines, TSA admits they bought more machines then they needed with the expectation that eventually its supply would meet demand.

Read that again if you missed it.  In order to get a “discount”, they bought MORE than they needed.  And now we are storing it.  Want to talk about storage costs?  The Transportation Logistics Center where the equipment is held costs $3.5 million a year to maintain.

After the so-called “Christmas Day Bomber” was thwarted—and before the device was adequately tested—the TSA spent $122 million on controversial Advanced Imaging Technology Devices or full body scanning machines.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office has said it is unclear whether the whole body scanning devices could have ever detected the weapon the underwear bomber used.

Read that again.  Untested technology sold to the USA after countless wine-and-dine sessions somewhere.  If you fly, you will may have experienced the “puffer”.  You walk into a chamber that looks like the current body scanners, you experience a “puff” of air, and then you move on … unless your puff of air contains explosive residue.  But what about those machines — where are they now?

Between 2004 and 2006, TSA dished out $30 million for Explosive Trace Detection Portals, or “puffers,” but installed less than half of them in airports after discovering serious design flaws. The TSA then paid to keep some of the devices in storage until 2010.

They  put them in storage for 4-6 years!!!  They should not have purchased them.  Isn’t it funny that they made sure to get equipment that would see my penis and your vagina clearly — but they can’t find equipment to detect explosive residue?  We have to take our shoes off because TSA didn’t look into the correct technology.  I guess that company wasn’t wining-and-dining.

In the name of terrorism.

Airport employees … have been caught using full body scanner images as a type of porn.  At the Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport, TSA complaints have been reported to disproportionally stem from women who felt that they were singled out for repeated screening for the entertainment of male security officers.

Are we having fun yet?


It’s a sad day in America when in order to fly on an airplane one must succumb to being sexually molested.


And to think … we have become a nation of Zombies … where everyone falls in line and agrees to anything done in the “name of terrorism”.  I’ve lost faith in the USA.