Writers of TV shows must take a stupid pill

Writers.  Some of them must be geniuses.  And somewhere along the line, someone must convince them that they will get more ideas if they take these special pills (only the pills are STUPID pills).  Keeping reading and I’ll explain.

One of my previously cancelled favorite shows was THE UNIT.  Excellent show and in the beginning, excellent writing.  Until the stupid pill was passed around.  At first, episodes were based on start-to-finish-in-one-episode stories that were believable enough to keep viewers intrigued.  With the quiet that surrounds special forces, and the not-so-quiet use of special forces by President Obama, viewers didn’t know where tv started and reality stopped.

With the stupid pill came the story episode where THE UNIT is disbanded in a second; the members treated like criminals; and warrants of arrest put out for a few of them.  They of course, were working to clear their names and reputations.  In the end (Surprise, Surprise), THE UNIT gets reinstated and everyone gets their job back.

THE UNIT should still be on TV.  But those damn writers.  Because of the same direction Hawaii Five 0 took with disbanding the unit, I tried to see if the writers were the same … but couldn’t find any overlap.

One blogger took exception to the way McGarrett was made of steel – and regardless of the difficulties of getting his ass beat, or falling off a cliff, there never seemed to be recovery time.  His point is to hypothesize that viewers are declining because they made portions of the series too unrealistic.  Stupid pill #1.

… the writers have reached a level of inefficiency in not allowing these characters to show more visceral, human emotion and I think it’s finally causing people to change the channel.

So at the end of season 1, McGarrett is framed for the murder of the Governor.  Ignoring the fact that at the time, an arrest warrant for McGarrett was issued (a violation of the Governor’s immunity order); and ignoring the fact that McGarrett would have clear marks from the taser; and ignoring the fact that there would be no fresh gunshot residue on McGarrett’s gloves; and, well, I could go on and on … but you get the message.

McGarrett goes to jail, five-o is disbanded, and Kono is arrested.  Now, you can have a show called five-o, without a Hawaii police department named five-o, so as a viewer, you become pissed off because you know the department will get re-formed.

But what most viewers don’t realize is the hate that HPD and five-o would feel for each other because of the position they have been placed in.  I have seen it first hand – one police agency hates another makes for a miserable working relationship.

Stupid pill #2.  Same blogger brought up how easy it was to take down McGarrett … others have tried and never got close.  But Wo fat … Well, WO.

Wo Fat is a tidy villain with the way he set up McGarrett and then murdered the governor. His ninja skills must be superior to McGarrett’s to have been able to sneak up on him so easily with that taser. Even under the stress of the situation McGarrett is a trained S.E.A.L., but he didn’t even catch the attack coming out of the corner of his eye.

Stupid pill #3.  Why allow the Governor to die?  There would have been so many more possibilities had she lived and stayed on as governor.  That could have been an entire season – just trying to quietly build a case against “the boss”.  And don’t forget – the Governor went to McGarrett in the beginning and offered him the job.  McGarrett wasn’t looking for a job.

Why don’t the writers reach out to the fans and ask for story lines and suggestions?  With the ratings drops, they had better wake up.

I’d suggest they stay off the Stupid Pill. :)