You can’t sell used Panties on Ebay. Why not??

Yes, it is true – you can’t sell used panties on ebay.

Buying or selling worn panties is a particular art for certain people only. Anyone can sell a pair of used panties, but only those in a special league know what to look for and understand how buying the right panties from the right seller is most satisfying. [ebayername] caters to only those who fall into the category with higher standards. It is an amazing experience and well worth it.

Well, I’m not into the whole used panties and “get a whiff” thing … but I respect other people’s diversions (diversion, NOT a perversion!). Ebay however, doesn’t feel the same way, banning the sale of used panties.

Why? Who does it harm? There is no law against the sale of used panties. And contrary to some schooled-at-home-lawyers, there is no postal service law that prevents the mailing of previously worn undergarments. One idiot posted that it WAS illegal to mail as used panties fell under the “hazardous materials” act!

Maybe some of you can explain to me in comments WHY a woman shouldn’t be allowed to make money while staying at home selling her used panties on ebay. Because I don’t get it.

what does ebay have against used panties and hot mom's selling their drawers?

PS: Make sure you read those rules! You can’t even sell BRAND NEW CHILDREN’S UNDERWEAR on ebay.